Birth Certificates, No matter if you are across town or the country, the easiest way to order birth certificates!
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Death Record, to manage estate matters, genealogy, or any other reason; the quickest way to order death records!
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Marriage Licenses, Document one of the happiest days of our lives; the easiest and quickest way to order marriage licenses!
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Divorce Record, are needed to get another Marriage Certificate, and are very helpful in genealogy research.  Order divorce records!
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Written by Administrator, is the most comprehensive resource for locating and ordering vital records.  This site enables you to easily order the vital record you are searching for, whether if it is a birth certificate, death record, marriage license, or divorce decree. is designed to be an easy guide through the sometimes complicated and confusing maze of state and local governments that maintain vital records.  

No matter if you need a vital record for genealogy reasons, obtaining a drivers license, getting social security, obtaining a passport, registering for school, qualifying for a state assistance program, or any other reason; helps you cut through the bureaucracy and get the vital record you need.

  Birth Certificates - Whether you are looking for your own birth certificate for identification reasons or for someone else’s birth certificate for genealogy reasons, helps you get birth certificates in the quickest and easiest manner.
  Death Records - Not a record that we like to think about, but death certificates are necessary in many aspects of dealing with estates and very helpful in genealogy work.
  Marriage Licenses - Document some of the happiest days of our lives; but marriage certificates are also essential in proving blood lines that are necessary for receiving birthrights and marriage certificates are rich with genealogical information.
  Divorce Decrees - If you have had a divorce and are thinking of getting married again you need to have your divorce decree to prove that your prior marriage has come to an official end.  Divorce Decrees also have a vital role in genealogy research.

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