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Obtaining Oklahoma Divorce Certificates

Introduction to Oklahoma Divorce Certificates


This article is designed to help you get an Oklahoma Divorce certificate.  Divorce Certificates are a bit more difficult to obtain than Divorce Certificates and Death Certificates.  The main difficulty in obtaining Divorce Certificates is that states have not been registering Divorces for as long as other vital records.  There are some states that still do not register Divorces.  Due to this lack of centralization it is common to contact the county in which the Divorce took place.

Counter to common belief, not everything is a few clicks away on the Internet.  Divorce Certificates are one of the items that you can’t just click some links and get a copy of your Divorce Certificate; this is probably a good thing.  You do not want your Divorce certificate in the public domain, where it can be seen by anyone.  However, this does not mean that you can’t easily get your Divorce certificate by following the correct procedure.


Oklahoma Divorce certificates are not maintained by the Oklahoma State Office of Vital Records.  To obtain an Oklahoma Divorce Certificate you must order online or contact the Clerk of Court in county where license was issued.


Oklahoma Divorce Certificate Authorized Persons


By Oklahoma state law, Oklahoma Divorce certificates are confidential records and can only be obtained by the following authorized individuals:

  • Person Named on the Oklahoma Divorce Certificate
  • Mother/Father (or Legal Guardian) of Person Named on the Oklahoma Divorce Certificate
  • Grandparents and Great Grandparents of Person Named on the Oklahoma Divorce Certificate
  • Husband/Wife of Person Named on the Oklahoma Divorce Certificate 
  • Adult Son/Daughter of Person Named on the Oklahoma Divorce Certificate
  • Legal Representative of an Authorized Person of Person Named on the Oklahoma Divorce Certificate


Oklahoma Divorce Certificate for Genealogy Purpose


Anyone can obtain an Oklahoma Divorce certificate for genealogy purposes; if the individual on the Oklahoma Divorce certificate is diseased (death record may be needed to prove death).  If the individual on the Oklahoma Divorce certificate is not deceased; a statement from subject releasing the record is needed.


Oklahoma Divorce Certificate Ordering


Options Option 1 – Order Oklahoma Divorce Certificate Online

This option is the simplest and easiest way to get your Oklahoma Divorce Certificate.  Order online and you will get your Oklahoma Divorce Certificate usually in less than a week.  Many times you will have the option of receiving your vital record by next-day or second-day service.

Order Birth and Death Records Online!  


Option 2 – In Person

In Person in Oklahoma: You may go to any county health department in the State of Oklahoma to obtain a certified copy of a Oklahoma Divorce certificate. Most Oklahoma Divorce certificates can be issued while you wait.


Oklahoma Divorce Certificate Ordering Cost


The fee to search for an Oklahoma Divorce certificate varies by county.

Last Updated on Monday, 24 August 2009 22:29